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Easy Access to Tourist Facilities near Mt. Fuji

Easy Access to Tourist Facilities near Mt. Fuji

Website Links for Tourist Information on the Five Lakes of Mt. Fuji

Ohnishi Meat Shop Fujiyoshida City has long been famous for its delicious horse sashimi. How about Koshu horse sashimi as a souvenir?
Fujiyama Beer Local beer restaurant. Children are welcome as there is a children's playground.
Aquarium in the Forest A 15-minute drive from our hotel. This aquarium specializes in freshwater fish and uses spring water from the crystal-clear Mt. Fuji.
Onshirin Garden There is a lawn area and playground equipment.
Road Station Fujiyoshida A 5-minute drive from TABIJIYA. They have a wide selection of souvenirs and other items.
Yamanashi Maglev Exhibition Center The facility is an observation center for the Linear Motor Car. You can see the car running very close up if you are lucky.
Berry Park in FISH ON! Shishidome Berry Park in FISH ON! Shishidome is a managed fishing area where people at all levels can enjoy fishing.
Omuro Sengen Shrine The shrine holds its famous Yabusame (horseback archery) festival every September.
Arakurayama Sengen Park Asakurayama Sengen Park offers a panoramic view of the city. During the cherry blossom season, you can enjoy a spectacular view of the five-story pagoda and cherry blossoms.
Abend Confectionery and coffee shop with a gallery of the Fuji Five Lakes located at the foot of Mt. Fuji.
Honda Rental & Leasing Car rental information in Fuji Five Lakes. Internet discount available.
Fuji International Speedway Various automobile races and events, such as SUPER GT, SUPER FORMULA, WEC, etc., are held at this circuit site.
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